GE Marine to Supply LM2500 Gas Turbine Engines in New Lightweight Composite Enclosure for Turkish I-Class MILGEM

Türkiye’s newest frigates to benefit from innovative gas turbine engine enclosure

Tarih: Issue 124 - July 2023

July 25, 2023, Evendale, OH – GE Marine signed an agreement with TAIS OG-STM İş Ortaklığı in Istanbul, Türkiye, to provide the LM2500 marine gas turbine engine in a new lightweight composite enclosure for the İstif-Class frigates, numbers 6, 7, and 8 in the Turkish MILGEM Project. The lightweight enclosure debuted on the U.S. Navy’s USS Santa Barbara in April. Türkiye’s Navy converted from the steel engine enclosure for the redesigned frigates to benefit from the many features of the one-piece composite enclosure. 

Between the Barbaros, Gabya, and İstif class frigates and the ADA class Corvettes, 31 LM2500 marine gas turbine engines currently power 18 Turkish ships. Under this project, the private shipyards of Türkiye will build a frigate class surface combatant for the first time. The ships will be built at Anadolu, Sedef, and Sefine shipyards in 36 months. GE will support this expedited timeline. The new I-Class Frigate will be 10 meters longer than previous models to account for the increased capabilities in weapons systems. One LM2500 will provide 22 MW of power to propel each new MILGEM frigate.