German Naval Forces’ the newest and the most modern f

Issue 12 - October 2008

Dirk Gaertuer, captain of Hessen, informed the members of the press about the ship’s mission and its characteristics and stated they have been working in the Mediterranean Sea as a part of UNIFIL mission since March, 2008. Beirut, Mersin and Limasol ports are the 3 main ports in UNUFIL deployment. Dirk Gaertuer underlined that Hessen has equipped with the most recent computer devices, it is calibrated up to 400 kilometers and it has the capacity to detect, classify and create the image of every flying item.

The visits of German Naval Forces’ frigate Hessen to various ports made it to be called as
“Germany’s blue ambassador abroad”. The frigate is the largest German ship that arrived at a Turkish port in recent years. New relations are built and the old ones are reinforced with Hessen’s visit. Hessen weighs 5-600 tons and it has been serving with its 255 personnel on board since 2006.