Global Attention on Aksa Run Flat – Building Cooperation with Foreign and Domestic Wheel Manufacturers

In an exclusive interview, Aksa Run Flat General Manager Mr. Rıza Saçmacı discusses the company’s successes, future roadmap and R&D activities focused on product development, cost efficiency and running production through environmental-friendly processes.

Issue 72 - March 2017

Defence Turkey: Mr. Rıza Saçmacı, first of all thank you for your time. Could you briefly inform us on the establishment process of your company, staff and facility structuring as well as areas of activity? 

Throughout my business life, I have always acted with a perspective attaching importance to domestic capital. I can say that the most important factor in the emergence of Aksa Run Flat was the lack of a domestic producer in this area in our country’s defense industry. During the period when I worked for the development of the very first Run Flat, we ran a few trials at the facilities of the National Police and designed the appropriate product and connection form. Then we successfully conducted our initial field test at the facilities of Nurol Machinery and consequently started serial production.