Grup Impeks : Unique Equipment for Unique Forces

Issue 72

Grup Impeks Metal Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Company is a full-fledged foreign trade company, rendering services with its expert and experienced staff to all markets in terms of procurement and logistics. Regarding procurement aspect, initially the domestic and foreign procurements are conducted in a way that best full fill our customer demands and thereafter the service is completed with the monitoring, customs and logistics services.

By year 2004 we have seen the lack of Military products supply at our region, Close east and East Africa market with efficiency and quality of Turkish management output. Since then, through continuous creative and innovative works, consultation of experts, strategic collaborations and completed projects over last decade allowed Grup Impeks Ltd. to a growth of wide range of products to be exported not only to limited African Markets but to Middle East countries of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar and also to extend to East & West Africa, Libya and then to Southern Europe; Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Germany and Russia with full range of  Military, Security and Police Equipment, Ballistic Equipment & all types of Textile, FMCG, Retail, Industrial Machinery & Spare Parts, Dry Food and Turnkey Projects.

Our Import activities are mostly from Russia to supply Paper, Machinery and spare parts for the markets we are serving to and Petroleum Products for Turkey. Recently we have broaden our trades in exchange of our export activities by importing raw materials of food products from the markets we are already in, such as; Sesame, Arabic Gum and Peanuts for food and beverage manufacturers as well as by our brand new factory established for Ballistic Equipment production with a new technology R&D Centre.

The Ballistic sector is our most prestigious product group which requires the latest innovation and continuous and reliable services in technology and R&D aspects. At the current status of the world, various security problems are occurring in many regions and therefore there is a huge demand for ballistic products.  So, as Grup Impeks Ltd., we have been working on Ballistic products for the last four years and focusing more on our investments. Regarding the procurement of Ballistic material, we are collaborating with partner companies which are most recognized in these areas, with great references, using the state-of-the-art- technology. We deliver the most suitable solutions to our end customer by combining one-to-one studies of our R&D department and the demands of our customers, then conducting the technical improvements and usage improvements which we deem appropriate. By completing the new factory for Ballistic equipment, we will be using this facility to transform our R&D Centre’s own test laboratory into a reference centre in which international studies can be conducted. 


We are closely following the developments in the Defence sector at home and abroad. In this sense; we endeavour to offer services to military and police forces by rapidly analyzing their demands. When we receive an order, in line with the conditions of the country, at times we need to guide our customers regarding the fabric options, the models to be used or the new activities acquired through our R&D. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we strive to provide the most favourable product with the best balance of benefit/price or benefit/technology. 

To accommodate its rapid growth, Grup Impeks Ltd., relies on its manufacturing partners and agencies both locally and internationally with trustworthy companies at Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Macedonia in order to attain a competitive edge in the Defence Industry Market.

Today, Grup Impeks Ltd. is a primary and whole supplier of Military & Police  Equipment, Tactical solutions, Ballistic Equipment  and Corporate designs for all kinds of uniforms and work clothes, as well as all kind of dry foods for military needs to our valuable clients with remarkable experience and prestige but more important we are the only supplier company in Turkey which saves valuable times and efforts of our clients for facing difficulties of purchasing from multiple suppliers against their various conditions.

Since year 2013, Grup Impeks Ltd.is being awarded the internationally acclaimed ISO 9001 certification as well as recorded firstly with “Among Top 1000 Exporters of Turkey” and by increasing export volumes continously during 2014 and 2015 has recorded with “Among Top 500 Exporters of Turkey”. Finally for the year 2016 we are expecting to be at “Among Top 250 Exporters of Turkey” which will be announce by April 2017 hopefully. Grup Impeks Ltd. is also founder member of Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters Association, SSI which has established at 2011 and member of SASAD since 2014.

Grup Impeks Ltd. is widening its foreign trade activities and services of food and non-food products and aiming to be a FMCG sector bridge to African markets with known Turkish Suppliers and brand marks. We have the motivation to extend our range of products by supplying foods and non-foods with known brand marks, also with our private label mark of already known “Euro King” at the markets we are already into.

We are combining food activities by military needs and for the benefits of our military equipment supplying clients. Our actual aim is to bring our customers together with products containing more nutrition, with extended use; food product groups which are effective, easy to carry and store, available for recycling and innovative. These types of innovative product groups are currently being used in numerous developed markets and for various sectors. They will be compulsory for our market region and customer profile, more than a habit in the very near future.  We are conducting the necessary preparations and trying to update the services that we can offer to meet these demands.

Our company will be happy to offer its high quality services to our existing and potential customers in the military and Defence Industry sector, textile and uniforms group, from technical textiles to mobile field solutions, from traditional and innovative food supplies to Turnkey mobile and fixed construction and energy projects, vehicles, equipment and spare parts to be used in the field and internationally to infrastructure solutions and finally in installation, operation, logistics and transportation. The development and growth of our sector and each investment made to this end will be a source of success for us on behalf of our customers. 

As the military forces around the world become increasingly sophisticated and the Defence Industry is a key strategic sector which constantly grows and bodes well for our country’s future, we are and we will always proud to be part of it.