Harp ArGe Electromagnetic Anti-Drone System Exported to Azerbaijan

Tarih: Issue 73 - April 2017

Established in early 2016, the Turkish company Harp Arge developed and produced an Electromagnetic Drone Killer as a result of its research and development studies that had started a year prior, in order to prevent the increasing number of suicide drone threats both in the theatre and cross border.

The Drone Killer was initially intended for active used by the Turkish Security General Directorate and Turkish Armed Forces. The Drone Killer system the most effective weapon used to deter drones that can be utilized for attack. The Drone Killer electromagnetic jamming weapon is solely provided to government agencies due to regulations.

The Drone Killer, developed by Harp Arge’s own resources, successfully completed the challenging tests of the Azerbaijani Army and started to perform tasks in the Azerbaijani Presidency.

Stating that they achieved a significant export activity, Harp Arge General Coordinator Mr. Aytekin Güçlü said that the drone market is growing rapidly in the world and that an important anti-drone market will emerge in parallel with this rise in drone production in the future. “Even now, many countries are trying to limit the use of drones through legal regulations. Each day our troops are harassed by illegal drones. Even in the Euphrates Shield Operation, ISIS injured our 3 troops by dropping bombs with drones. All these events demonstrate how important the Drone Killer technology is,” added Mr. Güçlü.

Developed and produced by Harp Arge, the Drone Killer is able to capture and neutralize the threatening drone up to 1 km at a certain angle in the air through the jammer frequency spreading by the directional antenna in front of it.  According to the target class, the drone systems can react differently. In some classes, the system may interrupt the connection of the drone with the controller and hang it in the air until the battery runs out, or it may take down the drone by interrupting the connection with the controller. 

Apart from the Drone Killer, which is exported to both domestic and foreign markets by Harp Arge, it is anticipated that the Anti-Drone market will expand further in Turkey. In this context, at the recent 3rd High Tech Port exhibition in November, Aselsan launched a prototype of the portable IHASAVAR (Man-Portable Drone Jammer) system with the IHTAR anti-drone system, which is able to detect and deter micro and mini UAV systems.