Havelsan Business Ecosystem - Business Partners / Procurement Approach

Tarih: Issue 86 - November 2018

The Havelsan Business Ecosystem approach is in line with national goals and strategies.   They provide a long-lasting innovative, effective and powerful product / service life cycle in which they build upon competence while strengthening their competitiveness.  Their products, services, systems and solutions are a preferred and reliable brand as a result of the combined efforts of their Business Partners / Suppliers.

The key criteria highlighted below are the factors that support the competitiveness of the companies:

Having the intent to invest in technology

Allocating resources to R&D

Specialized in the Field of Activity

Having Technological Knowledge that transforms into their product

Having internationally recognized quality certificates

Ability to use information technologies

Close relationship with universities and research institutions

Havelsan is planning to engage in long-term sustainable cooperation with the companies which have these criteria:




To record talented companies in their supplier portal

To Reduce costs and other risks by evaluating firms before the procurement process

To speed up the Procurement process, considering the information of the Registered Company

Through the cooperation with suppliers, to develop quality implementation processes

The development of domestic added value and technology

To Establish a strong communication and coordination network with business partners / subcontractors

To provide a competitive advantage in domestic and international markets through strong collaborations and to increase export share in target markets

Establishment of a qualified sub-industry cluster specific to Havelsan

In this context, they utilize a Business Partners Management System application, in which a strong Havelsan sub-industry cluster is formed in order to gain a competitive advantage by acting in coordination with common targets to grow within their main activities.

The Business Partners Management System Implementation Process is carried out in 7 stages:

1. Application / Pre-Evaluation

2. Pre-Evaluation Confirmation by registering and then sending the Portal password to the suppliers

3.Administrative-Quality and Technical infrastructure Evaluation

4. Scoring / Analysis

5 Classification

6. Tender / Company Selection / Cooperation / Contract

7. General Performance Evaluation

Havelsan has identified potential cooperation areas in more than 1,500 detailed sub-fractions in 22 Main Activity Areas which can override in their Supplier Portal in line with their Project Needs. More than 800 companies have been registered in these fields of activity.  

Havelsan administrative-quality and technical assessment question sets and report forms are used to determine what level registered companies are at and if they have the necessary qualifications to meet the required needs. With the mentioned question sets, administrative-quality and technical evaluation visits are carried out for the companies that are registered in the Havelsan Business Ecosystem Portal.

Principles of the Tender Invitation

The tender is registered in the Business Ecosystem and the companies in category A are given priority invitation, if there are not at least three companies in this category, the second priority B category is invited, if there is still not a sufficient number of companies in the category then C category companies are then invited.