HAVELSAN Earns the Right for the CMMI Level 3 Document

Among the pioneer corporations in the Turkish defence industry, HAVELSAN while, on the one hand, has put its signature among Turkey’s most important defence industry projects, on the other hand, in line with an increase in the targ

Tarih: Issue 31 - December 2011

In terms of:
• The organization’s size,
• The organization’s all organizational groups taking place in the evaluation and represented with multiple projects,
• The coverage, budget and personnel numbers, the size of the project under evaluation and that the project be long term,

that is the identifier in the depth and extent of the CMMI-DEV v1.2 (Staged) Maturity Level 3 certification process, HAVELSAN has signed its name as an exceptional difference in the Turkish defence industry.

In the report published in September 2011 by the United States based Software Engineering Institute (SEI) that realizes this certification, there are 4,220 organizations worldwide that have received this certificate. Out of these organizations, approximately 20 percent are active in the defence/government sector. It is also stated that of the organizations that have received this certification only 1.9 percent have over 1,000 employees.

Again, according to the data that takes place in the report, it is noted that many of these organizations that have received this certification conduct their activities in the United States and in non-U.S. based companies active in the defence/government sector there are only 264 organizations. There are 22 organizations that have received certification in Turkey.

After the assessment that took place between July and August 2011, HAVELSAN, as of 22 September 2011, is listed among the CMMI certified organization’s in SEI’s official website (http://sas.sei.cmu.edu/pars/).
This system, with the participation and contribution of its employees, is one of the main building blocks behind the continuous and sustained success of HAVELSAN.