HAVELSAN in Globalization Process

Tarih: Issue 39 - February 2013

As a solution supplier in C4ISR, Simulation Technologies, Security Systems and e-Government requirements, HAVELSAN expands its marketing and cooperation activities in the GCC Region, Middle East and North Africa. By 2012, HAVELSAN is awarded with two major contracts in the GCC region. HAVELSAN will reinforce its power in the global market with its successful projects in the region.

In the scope of the contract with Qatar Emiri Armed Forces (QAF), HAVELSAN will deliver the biggest AW-139 Training Center around the world for military and tactical training. The AW-139 training center will be composed of; one AW-139 full mission simulator, tactic control center, rear cockpit trainer, debriefing system, flight navigation procedure trainer and sustainment. The delivery of the center is expected to be completed in 34 months.