Havelsan is Ready to Cooperate with Poland

Havelsan , an expert on especially command and combat systems and simulation systems, has started  negotiatio

Issue 46

Defence Turkey: Mr. Yamaç, first of all we want to thank you for giving us your time. HAVELSAN is celebrating its 31st founding anniversary. We note that HAVELSAN has accelerated its expansion during the previous year. How do you assess HAVELSAN’s growth figures and the contribution of export sales during last year?

As you have indicated, HAVELSAN has completed 31 years in the sector by signing off on many successful projects. At the beginning HAVELSAN was founded to eliminate the technological gap and foreign dependence of our Armed Forces. It is a national organisation that has extensive experience with its identity to produce smart technologies and generators, command and control systems, simulator and training systems and in the areas of information and security technologies. At the same time it has signed off on one of the biggest e-state projects in Turkey and in this way, in reaching contemporary standards for all our citizens, has provided benefits in the state-industry-citizen cycle and provided solutions in this regard. In its adventure covering 31 years, in terms of IT and in terms of system integration, HAVELSAN is a company that has succeeded in providing an advanced technological threshold on behalf of our country.