HAVELSAN’s “Business Eco-System Strong Cooperation and Increasing Local Content” Meeting

Tarih: Issue 56 - November 2014

The “Business Eco-System Strong Cooperation and Increasing Local Content” meeting recently took place at Rixos Hotel in Ankara.  It was organized in order to increase the added value and therefore the local contribution provided by the local sub-industry companies and SMEs from sub-system level to platform level, to enable the competitiveness of sub-industry companies and SMEs and their sustainability in new target markets, to strengthen the sectorial supply chain, to develop cooperation strategies and to establish long-term cost-effective and efficient cooperation opportunities.

Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Mr. Fikri Işik, Deputy Minister Prof. Davut Kavranoğlu, KOSGEB (Small And Medium Industry Development Organization) President Mustafa Kaplan, Head of EU International Relations Department Mr. Ömer PAK, Deputy Undersecretary for Defence Industries Mr.Sedat Güldoğan, Havelsan’s Chairman Mr. Yüksel Öztekin, Havelsan General Manager Mr. Sadık Yamaç, President Of Defence And Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association (SSI) Mr. Latif al Aliş, Secretary General of the Defence Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD) Mr. Hüseyin Baysak, Deputy Director of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Mr. Atilla Gürdere and many company representatives attended the meeting.