Havelsan Technology Oman LLC Officially Inaugurated

Tarih: Issue 98 - April 2020

The opening ceremony of Havelsan Technology Oman LLC, founded by Havelsan in Muscat/Oman, was held with the participation of Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the Sultanate of Oman Ayşe Sözen USLUER. 

Ambassador Ayşe Sözen USLUER, Havelsan Chairman of the Board Prof. Hacı Ali MANTAR and Masirah International Chairman of the Board Saad Al JENAIBI wished success to Havelsan Technology Oman LLC.

Havelsan Top Management and representatives of Havelsan's local business partners in Oman also attended the opening ceremony. Havelsan established a joint venture with Masirah International after exporting its Command, Control, Computer, Communication and Intelligence System (C4I) to Oman. The company, in which Havelsan owns 70% and Masirah International owns 30% of shares, aims to make Havelsan's presence in Oman more permanent.