High-Performance Laboratory From TEI to Gebze Technical University

Tarih: Issue 106 - May 2021

TEI (TUSAŞ Engine Industries) provided high-performance computing hardware and software to Gebze Technical University (GTÜ) to encourage engineering students to initiate new projects and participate in innovative studies. In this way, students will be able to implement their projects using high-tech devices and software with superior technical features. Thanks to the Engineering Simulation Software license granted by Turkey's leading aviation engine manufacturer TEI, 25 academic staff and 250 students at Gebze Technical University will carry out their studies significantly faster. In addition to this software, a high-performance computing (HPC) system with 240 cores, each ten times faster than standard desktop computers, was also donated to speed up analysis and calculation processes which will be carried out within the scope of the research and development activities of high technology products required by Turkey.