HİSAR-A+ Operator Training Completed

Tarih: Issue 106 - May 2021

In the 35th issue of ASELSAN's monthly "A Bulletin," it was stated that the operator training of HİSAR-A+, Turkey's first national and domestic air defense missile system, was completed. Expert instructor personnel of Aselsan and various subcontractor companies involved in the project also participated in the training. Both Instructor Operator and Maintenance Instructor courses were carried out in groups due to pandemic conditions and lasted about six months.

The participants successfully completed and gained the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the most efficient use of all the capabilities of the HİSAR system according to the general and tactical requirements of the Land Forces Command. With the help of simulators and training missiles, different combat scenarios that might be encountered on the battlefield were easily created without using real missiles, aircraft, or helicopters in a cost-effective way.