HİSAR-A Ready for Serial Production

Turkey`s first domestic and national air defense system HİSAR-A has been reported to have successfully destroyed a high-speed target in the final system tests and has reached the serial production stage.

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019

Developed by Aselsan and Roketsan against fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, cruise missiles, air-to-surface missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to protect military bases, ports, and critical facilities; Turkey's first indigenous low-altitude air and anti-missile system, HİSAR-A, has successfully destroyed a high-speed target drone in the final system tests.

President of Defense Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir announced the successful firing test from his social media account and stated that serial production of the HİSAR-A Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System, which was developed to meet the air defense needs of Turkey with domestic and national resources, will be started soon. Aselsan and Roketsan conducted the firing tests of the indigenously developed HİSAR-A project in Aksaray with the participation of representatives from the Presidency of Defense Industries and the Turkish Armed Forces.

During the firing test, the HİSAR-A system detected and tracked the high-speed target with its radar. After the command and control system initiated the engagement sequence, the missile was fired automatically by the fire control system at the most appropriate time. Guided by the Self-Propelled Autonomous Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System, the missile approached the target using its seeker at the terminal phase and destroyed the target by detonating its warhead. Thus, the effectiveness of the HİSAR-A Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System at maximum range and altitude was tested with the successful destruction of the high-speed target aircraft.

TÜBİTAK- Sage developed the high-explosive fragmentation warhead used in the firing test as part of the HİSAR Projects. The HİSAR-A and HİSAR-O systems have a modular design structure, which enables easier integration into different platforms, fire control systems, and command control (C2) infrastructures. The high explosive and fragmentation warhead of the HİSAR missiles has both impact and proximity fuses, enabling them to be effective against various types of air targets.

The HİSAR-A system performs the task of neutralizing hostile aerial threats at lower altitudes to provide air defense for mobile military units. With the HİSAR project, the SSB aims to obtain various new capabilities in addition to acquiring essential technologies in the field of air defense. Aselsan and Roketsan are working together with more than 100 local solution partners to get the indigenous HİSAR air defense system into the inventory and to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces.

HİSAR-A (low altitude) is planned to be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces in 2021 and HİSAR-O (mid-altitude) in 2022.