History Made as WFEL Commences Production of First Boxer Armored Military Vehicles

Tarih: Issue 108 - July 2021

In another historic event for the UK Defence industry, WFEL has commenced production of Boxer Mechanized Infantry Vehicles for the British Army at its new manufacturing plant in the North West of England. It has been many years since any new armored vehicles have been manufactured in the UK.

The fabrication of vehicle sub-assemblies has been taking place over the last few weeks at WFEL's new production facility at Stockport.  As part of the extensive Technology Transfer Program between KMW and WFEL, UK welding personnel have undertaken secondments of up to a year at parent company KMW's Boxer manufacturing site in Hamburg, Germany. Here, staff worked on the production of Boxer vehicles for KMW's existing customers and are now fully qualified to undertake the complex work required to produce fabricated Drive Module hulls for the UK Boxer variants. WFEL has been selected as the KMW UK footprint for the Boxer MIV Program and will employ high levels of UK content, creating and protecting sovereign engineering and manufacturing skills, ensuring that the vehicles remain supported through their operational life.