“Hızır” Armored Combat Vehicle Successfully Completes Blast Tests

Katmerciler’s “Hızır” Armored Vehicle proved to have satisfactory durability in the blast tests performed both under the vehicle and on the sides under the supervision of an independent, foreign-based institution

Issue 80 - March 2018

It was released to the public with a written statement made by the company that “Hızır” 4x4 armored combat vehicle developed under NATO standards, which is a candidate to become an important strength in increasing the operational power of the Turkish Armed Forces and Security Forces, successfully completed all tests including the blasting test conducted under the supervision of an independent, foreign-based institution. With this test, “Hızır” proved that it has high ballistic protection as well as high resistance against mine and hand-made explosives.

During the blasts performed under the vehicle and on the sides, the vehicle proved that it has durability over expectations. In order to increase the resistance of the vehicle against explosives, the center-section as well as the seats of the “Hızır” Armored Combat Vehicle were designed specifically to increase the safety of the personnel and reduce pressure.

The 400 hp “Hızır” Armored Combat Vehicle designed for high performance under intense conflict conditions in rural and urban areas is equipped with features such as high gradeability, crossing over water, angles of approach/retreat, high range maneuverability. In line with the feedback obtained from the field, the design of the vehicle was also improved to further reduce skidding and keep the level of vision at maximum. In order to provide ease of driving at night, an additional night vision feature was also added to the dimming headlamp system. 

“Hızır”, which has a 70% inclination climbing feature, 100 cm water crossing feature, superior maneuverability at 30% side slope, can reach a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

“Hızır” is also able to serve as a platform vehicle for alternative configurations where command control, CBRN, smoke grenade launcher, various weapon systems are integrated.