Honeywell Aerospace’s Strategy for Turkey – ‘Strong Together’

Honeywell, one of the world’s greatest Aerospace Industry companies, is getting ready to launch new strategies for potential new opportunities in addition to its existing collaborations in Turkey. Within this scope, during IDEF, Honeywell Aerospace Turkey Business Director Mr. Serdar Çetingül informed our magazine about their plans for the future, strategies and their ongoing collaborations

Issue 76 - July 2017

Beginning the interview by sharing with us that they accomplished a successful cooperation model with Turkey as part of the T129 ‘Atak’ Helicopter program, Mr. Çetingül expressed that they were proud to completely fulfil the expectations users with the LHTEC CYS800-4A engine – a joint production of Rolls-Royce and Honeywell. “High altitude and high temperature are the most crucial factors challenging the engine. During the test campaign that we conducted last year in Pakistan the T129 ‘Atak’ Helicopter proved itself by going through harsh circumstances, against high altitude and hot temperatures and displayed excellent performance. Surely, the splendid performance demonstrated by the LHTEC CTS800-4A engine was a great source of pride for us. Within the scope of the T129 ‘Atak’ Helicopter procurement program, more than 20 helicopters were delivered to the procurement authority so far. The Land Forces Command staff is very pleased with both the helicopter and the performance displayed by the engine, and due to their satisfaction, negotiations with the Naval Forces Command and General Command of Gendarmerie are continuing for the procurement of these platforms and engines. A contract was signed with the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The official process for the ratification of the export licenses of the US Government for these engines to be procured in accordance with this contract have started. There seems to be no obstacles for the time being”, said Mr. Çetingül.

Up to 10 Engines are Planned to be Procured as part of the T625 ‘Özgün’ Multi-Role Helicopter Program Development Process