Among the new industry thrusts put forward

Tarih: Issue 31 - December 2011

In the meeting, SSM Head of the Helicopter Department Köksal Liman gave a presentation on the short history of the helicopter, Turkey’s past in helicopters and the vision of the SSM on the helicopter industry. The meeting generated many ideas on subjects ranging from the type and class of helicopter to be designed by what type of organization to the selection of land for the place of production, and representatives from different organizations confirmed that the production of a national helicopter was an achievable target.

Emphasizing that sustainability was a priority and important in the national helicopter project, the target would be a design carried out by Turkish engineers, its sub-systems identified according to national requirements, possess an international civil certificate and designed to be competitive in terms of performance and price and where the priority would be the Turkish and the global markets.

In terms of Turkey’s helicopter use, despite the fact that she is one of the leading countries in the world, designing and producing her own helicopter would also bring about technological development and growth in many other sectors. According to the idea that was put forth at the meeting, with a Turkish defence industry national helicopter production new collaborations would be developed, a new strategic approach created and the taboos would be broken.

The ideas presented at the special meeting that placed the national helicopter target on the table will also be analyzed by scientific methods at At?l?m University and with the results obtained, a basic strategy relating to the design and production of a national helicopter will be identified.

In order to evaluate a concrete target put forth relating to a particular product in any industry sector, the use of such a method, perhaps as a first, makes for an indigenous beginning.