Increasing Its Operational Capability, Replenishment at Sea (RAS) Capability is a Significant Force Multiplier for the Turkish Naval Forces

“The one who rules the seas, rules the world" is a well-known quote attributed to Barbaros Hayrettin, Grand Admiral of the Turkish Fleet in the 16th Century. The main point, which we would all agree upon, is that Sea Power is today, and will be in the future, at the core of world order. The one who dominates the seas rules over the world, and nations who best utilize this potential, dominate the global system.

Tarih: Issue 108 - July 2021

Turkey lies where three continents meet. Surrounded by three seas from the North (Black Sea), South (Aegean Sea) and West (Mediterranean Sea) Turkey has a coastline that spanning 8,484km. Its geo-strategic position and geopolitical situation obliges Turkey to be a maritime state and dictates it to have and sustain a powerful Naval Force. 

In order to adapt to changing security environments the Turkish Naval Forces (TNF) has been continuously transforming, restructuring its organizational structure and carries out new tasks against the challenges of the new security environment, while maintaining and enhancing its conventional naval capabilities. The force and command structure of the TNF now provide the essential elements to perform both conventional naval tasks as well as constabulary ones.