Integrated and Autonomous (Robotic) System Technologies Under the Concept of Digital Forces

by Muhittin SOLMAZ- Vice President, Simulation, Autonomous and Platform Management Technologies of HAVELSAN

Tarih: Issue 110 - October 2021

In today's world, technology continues to evolve at a stunning clip. While computers have grown into minimized forms, their calculation speed has immensely increased. The way information and communication technologies are utilized has diversified.  "Digitalization" has been internalized by individuals, communities, organizations, states, and the international system in a way to steer our lives. Given where technology currently stands, unmanned aerial vehicles and autonomous (robotic) systems developed over the past 10 years have morphed into a part of daily life in industrial, transportation, and medical aspects. 

In theaters of operation that now tend to go digital, it is a fact that the conventional nature of warfare has transformed, and countries are almost forced to improve their Defense Industries, and autonomous and robotic systems in line with the ever-changing requirements. This article offers insight into integrated autonomous and robotic platform technologies kicked off under the concept of Digital Forces by HAVELSAN.