İŞBİR Electric Co: A Leoding Company in Alternator and Generator Production

Issue 44 - May 2013


İşbir Electric Industry Co, with its name inspired by the İşçi Birliği (Laborers Union), was founded in Balıkesir in 1977 by the laborers working abroad and started indigenous alternator production in 1981 with the Hitzinger license and then moved onto production under the İŞBİR brand. As of today, 99,76% of İşbir’s capital belongs to Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV). İşbir Electric Industry Co. had an issued capital of 31.000.000 by the end of year 2011. Through capital increase, our company brought support, impetus and strength to her long standing R&D activities and thus gained advantage compared with her rivals freshly starting such activities.