Işıklar Air Force High School Festival Held in Bursa

Tarih: Issue 54 - July 2014

The second Işıklar High School  Festival took place on 8 June with tens of thousands of participants from Bursa and other cities. Starting with gliders and model airplane demonstrations, the Festival saw the breathtaking demonstration of the world famous aerobatics pilot Ali Ismet Oztürk. The combat search and rescue demo team, paramotor, glider aerobatics, parachute jumping demonstrations, Batman A. Kemal Buhara and the first demonstration pilot of SOLO TURK Cpt. Yusuf Kurt’s solo performance left its mark on the Festival. Following the air shows, the evening part of the programme saw stand-up shows, concerts and fireworks. The Festival also saw for the first time defence industry firms with TAI, Aselsan, Roketsan as well as SAAB and BITES participating with their stands. Many visitors during the festivities visited the defence industry stands and received detailed information from company officials on their products and their capabilities. Speaking at the opening of the festivity, the Commander of the Military Aviation High School  Air Pilot Staff Col. Ishak Dayıoğlu,  pointed out that the Işıklar Fest programme was taking place for the second time this year and would put its stamp on many important demonstrations and stated: “This year unlike the previous year we have received the support of our Defence Industry Undersecretariat and have got together important firms of our defence industry such as TAI, TEI, Havelsan, Aselsan and Roketsan with companies that provide support to the defence industry in Bursa with their stands for your viewing.”

The Festival is expected to take place again in Bursa next year with wide national and international participation.