Karel – Over 20 years of Expertise in Military Communication System Products and Solutions

Tarih: Issue 91 - May 2019

Karel was established in 1986 as a telecommunication equipment manufacturer and designs PBX products and services for the Turkish market.  The company led Turkey’s transition from electro-mechanic communication systems to electronic communication systems. Karel has the proprietary right of ownership of its state-of-the-art technology products in the field of communication electronics in Turkey and also has an R&D department that is in compliance with international standards since the establishment of the company. Karel, as the market leader in Turkey, exports their products and solutions to more than 30 countries. Karel provides services to more than 700 thousand businesses with their PBX products only in Turkey and stands among the top 3 in Europe and the top15 manufacturers in the world.

With over 2,050 employees, Karel has recently been providing solutions for the Turkish Armed Forces and Navy in respect to communication needs for more than 16 years. The Karel Military Product Family has a wide product range from durable communication switchboards to Public Address General Alarm (PAGA) systems designed for navy Military ships. For the last ten years, Karel has put PBX intercom systems and PAGA systems on the market for moderate-large Military ships in respect to the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces and shipyards.

In 2018, Karel has developed Gateway solutions with R&D activities. The Gateway device, which carries 7 analogue and E1 line to the IP port, can be used in satellite communication systems in military ships, has started to be utilized successfully. In the forthcoming months, Karel’s AG102 model, which has 14 analogue + E1 IP converter, designed for Turkish land forces, will begin being used.  Karel’s Radio Over IP (ROIP) device has the capability of converting 4 radios and 14 analogue ports to the IP. 3 different 1U height products which are for Gateway applications will be exhibited at IDEF’19 fair.  Karel is proud to develop the first national gateway product family with their genuine technology.

Company Objectives;

In the defence industry, the company’s most significant objective is to extend their market to South Asia, the Middle-East and Turkish Republics, conducting exporting transactions in the long term. Additionally, the company aims to maintain an increase in turnover by developing cooperation with prime contractors in the domestic market.  Karel provides service to the Azerbaijan and Bangladesh armies with their DS200T military PBXs. The DS200T is the best product in Europe in the field of military PBXs. It provides infrastructure which enables communication with wire connections all over the world. The DS200T, which is a Hybrid PBX including today’s IP technology, provides connections with military IP radio link equipment (preferably with the 5220 IP Radio Link which is a brand of Aselsan) providing fast and portable, small and low-cost communication to armies world-wide.

The continuation of infrastructure investments in R&D activities in the defence industry will subsequently improve test capabilities.  In doing so, test capabilities in this regard will gain advantages for the company in respect to the competition due to the intensity of environmental conditions and EMC/EMI necessities in military products. With standard and progress training which will support design work for aerial platforms, the skills of R&D personnel will be honed. 

Product Portfolio;

Karel manufactures products and solutions in respect to the needs of the defence industry. The product range which started with military communication systems has expanded over the years to solid state discs, electronic control card and systems, manual military computers, inertial navigations devices under military standards. These products are still being utilized by the Turkish Armed Forces and foreign armies.

The DS200D/T series military communication systems, depending on the location of use, are differentiated from each other and customized according to land/naval uses. 

The DS200T military Analogue switchboard is designed for tough field conditions and they are portable and durable against impact. The DS200T distinguishes itself from others with features such as its backlight broad display, backlight key set, receiver installed to cabinets and headset that provide ease of use and PC-based system management interface.  It provides connectivity with devices such as Analogue/IP/ISDN terminals, answer phone, fax and modem interface.

With the IKT - Intercommunication system, they provide intercom solutions for naval platforms and land vehicles.  IKT systems are waterproof and appropriate for use in challenging field conditions (vibrations, shock, exceptional weather conditions, excess temperature etc.) With flexible structure, IKT100 series provides intercommunication and wireless access to various numbers of users.

Particularly, Intercom systems developed for armored vehicles by KAREL have become ever more popular amongst vehicle manufacturers. Karel offers a cost-effective solution for internal and radio communication needs of the vehicle crew while fulfilling all military environmental and electromagnetic compatibility standards. The IKT systems provide send and receive access to two different radios and the commander can also control crew access permission. Different variations of KAREL IKT-Intercom systems offer a wide range of usage according to the needs of different vehicles.

At IDEF2019, Karel will showcase the communication switching system (MAS200) that supports 30 user stations and allows 4 different radios connections. Karel provides national solutions to military underwater demolition boats for internal communications. In addition, the MAS200 will provide a reliable solution for internal communication of large military vehicles.

The AD101 system, developed as a Military ship Alarm and Public Address System, meets the needs of alarm and announcement in military ships due to its developed features and integrated structure. With the Alarm and Address system, region-based alarms are given, announcements are made to selected regions and airplay is carried out over Radio-CD.

The AD101 Alarm and Address System enables alarm and announcement calls or airplay in bodies defined as military ship-wide or as grouped. The system operates integrated with Accounting Switching Fabrics (MAS) and military ship Switchboards. The system also has User Stations (Kİ) authorized over Accounting Switching Fabrics and an external interface to alarm and announce with a handset over a telephone switchboard. Power supplies which will provide power needs of the devices that are located within the GKB unit. Telephone Repeater Units (amphitheatre) within the scope of the ASS are located on the amp modules on the General Control Units.

The AD101 Alarm and Address system is a modular structure created with the integrated operation of more than one product. Units are developed according to19” rack cabinets. The system has a power supply with both AC-DC and DC-DC features, and which can be scaled to be compatible with different power needs. The system is controlled and managed over the amphitheatre unit central system.  The system was designed for easy assembly and suitable for maintenance. Thanks to the modular structure, broken units are easily replaced without injuring integrity.

The MIL-STD 461E and MIL-STD- 810F were developed in compliance with military standards. By using military connectors in the system, measures were taken against corrosion, vibration and other excessive weather conditions. The power supply of the entire system is provided from a single point. Special filtering prevents noise in the power supply. With the management software, the entire system is easily configured, and error statuses are easily monitored. 

AG101, AG102 and TAG101 Military Gateway devices are used to convert analogue telephone interfaces at FXS ports and E1 interface into Ethernet /IP networks.  TAG101 Military Gateway also converts four port radio interfaces into Ethernet / IP network. Both devices are used to connect Radios, analogueue ports, E1 ports to IP network in both directions. Karel’s Gateway models fulfil Mil-Std 810 and also Mil-Std 461.