KEYVAN Aviation – Global Experts in Flight Operations and Data Analytics

In this interview KEYVAN Aviation’s CEO Mehmet KEYVAN discusses the company’s expertise in offering approved global data quality with better coverage and competitive prices, innovative ideas, products and solutions while staying away from political issues with an intrinsic focus on service quality and customer satisfaction.

Tarih: Issue 116 - September 2022

Defence Turkey: Can we start our conversation by getting information about the current organizational structure, personnel status and performance of the KEYVAN Aviation Group, which is headquartered in Istanbul and its performance for the first half of 2022?

Mehmet KEYVAN: KEYVAN Aviation is an Aviation Support and Service company, specially working to support customers with innovative ideas, products and solutions related to Flight Operations and Data Analytics. A wide range of services for Aircraft Avionics Manufacturers, Airline Flight Operations Departments, Flight Planning systems, Airports, and flight Simulators are developed by combining experience, special training and know-how and digital innovation with highest level of quality controls and checks.