KOÇ Defense and Technology Company Display the Smartium Clean Catamaran

KOÇ Defense and Technology Managing Director Mehmet Hakan ÖKTEM shared updated information about the Smartium Clean Cataraman boat that was showcased for the first time at SAHA EXPO 2022

Tarih: Issue 119 - December 2022

Mehmet Hakan ÖKTEM informed us about the new catamaran boat that was unveiled at this year’s EXPO. ÖKTEM said that “it is called Smartium Clean, a very small catamaran boat. It can be used in manual or autonomous mode with a remote control and is suitable for customization according to different usage purposes.”

Mehmet Hakan ÖKTEM also shared additional technical information about the Smartium Clean Catamaran and said:” It is RF with an approximate range of 2 kilometers. This product was developed for a variety of uses. One of them serves civilian needs, for surface cleaning of marinas, bays, beaches, lakes and ponds. There is a lot of pollution in those places. It has an easy-to-change garbage net cassette at the back, and it travels autonomously by moving around with the reservoir in front of it, you can set a route if you want, it goes autonomously. Or, as I said, by remote control.”