LAPIS – Expertise in Versatile Unmanned Aerial Systems

Tarih: Issue 91 - May 2019

Lapis Aerospace Technologies Inc. was established in 2015 by experts in their fields. The Lapis Team, with 8 years of technical infrastructure in Unmanned Systems and Electric Vehicles sectors, started working on their first multirotor prototype in 2013 and proceeded successfully with the aim of becoming leaders in countrywide unmanned systems and electric vehicles industries with the completely indigenous design, software and production.

Lapis Aerospace Technologies Inc. has been conducting its operations with a total of 23 staff (7 R&D Engineers, 2 Administrative employees, 5 production employees, 6 Integration employees, 1 Quality employee and 2 Support Services employees) at their premises.

Their existing products consist of Rotary wing / Fixed Wing and Hybrid / VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which are of indigenous design and production. Their indigenous Auto-Pilot and Ground Control Station is used for all systems. 

Lapis Capabilities:

All types of aircraft design

Aerodynamic design and analysis

Modeling and simulation

Design of flight control and navigation algorithms

Solid modeling and structural analysis

Machining and composite technologies

Embedded hardware design and software

Image processing algorithm and design

Windows / Linux based interface design

Mechanical design, production, installation of fixed-wing, rotary vane, multi-rotor aerial vehicle

Flight tests and trainings

Products and R&D Work

Lapis Provides engineering solutions with a multi-disciplinary infrastructure to the Civil and Defence Aviation Sectors:

LAPIS VTL-02 ULAK which is a hybrid of the Multicopter and Fixed Wing platform, has completely unique hardware and software and was designed and developed to accomplish fully autonomous missions. The LAPİS VTL-02 ULAK with a high payload capacity was developed to accomplish missions under difficult conditions, and it can be used day and night with its 30x EO and 35 mm IR integrated payload. The VTOL-02 does not require an airfield for take-off or landing. This feature is one of the most desirable needs among the civil and defence sectors.

LAPIS CR-01 TROGON is being widely used in surveillance, defence and security applications, aerial mapping, border security, oil and natural gas pipe line safety and agricultural applications and can be equipped with different payloads for each specific application. The LAPIS CR-01 TROGON which has completely unique hardware and software was designed and developed to accomplish fully autonomous missions. The LAPIS CR-01 TROGON with a high payload capacity was developed to accomplish missions under hard conditions and it can function day and night with its 12X EO and plug/play IR payloads.

LAPIS CR-02 LAP60 is completely indigenous hardware and software that can be equipped with payloads in various fields in different areas such as discovery, surveillance and intelligence, road safety, border security, oil-gas pipeline safety, mapping, forest areas, agricultural holdings and disaster management. The LAP60 has the capability of long endurance and flight time.

Turkcell, Huawei Turkey and Lapis, as first in the world, have completed domestic drone trial flights, which are controlled by 5G and capable of transferring 360-degree 4K live images to their glasses in a virtual environment. “10. Technology Summit by Turkcell”


Lapis Payload Systems can be used on UAV systems for military reconnaissance, police surveillance and evidence collection, disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency monitoring and rescue etc.

LAPIS Autopilot System 

Indigenous software and hardware design

Integrated precision INS system

Integrated wireless modem for both video and telemetry support

Accurate navigation with GPS support

Full autonomous mission capability

Support for +100 waypoints

SD card data logging feature

Situation awareness through use of advanced sensors

Smart Battery Management System

LAPIS Ground Control Station

Turkish and English (any other language operator interface on request)

Instant monitoring of flight and sensor information

Online / offline map support

Height analysis in route 

Support for various types of maps

Follow-me flight mode feature

Auto mission hand-over capability

Auto-landing capability with <1 m precision

Emergency landing

Path planning algorithm, no-fly zone support

Multiple UAV and multiple payload control by single GCS

Multi-video stream support and digital image stabilization algorithm

Emergency measures (GPS loss, link break, etc.)


Pan and Tilt System is a specially developed platform to position various payloads such as area surveying radars, multi-spectrum cameras, thermal cameras, infra-red and visible illuminators, and laser rangefinders. LPT-01 is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as encountered at border security applications, coastal areas with high humidity levels, and other various land and weather conditions. LPT-01 facilitates the user to carry many custom signals to the payload via its sliprings.

An integrated embedded controller allows to remotely control the pan-tilt system via an RS-422 interface. It is also possible to remotely interrogate system parameters     (e.g. speed, position, temperature) via a computer.

LPT-01 other features:

Custom serial communication protocol for remote control and parameter interrogation

Programmable and interrogable parameters: position (angle), angular speed, system temperature, motor currents etc.

Fast and accurate feedback control algorithms running on 32-bit microcontroller

Highly accurate encoders on both axes

Serial communications interface RS-422 defult (RS-232 or Ethernet upon request) 

Integrated power supply for customer payload use (upon request)

National and International Projects Underway

Lapis is involved in national and international projects: Supported by the Ministry of Commerce and conducted with Technopark leadership the “ Competitiveness Improvement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Sector” project, “Improvement of Gimbal Systems Project” at Technopark Ankara, a “VTOL SYTEMS Project 1511” at TUBITAK and a European Union Project, Horizon the 2020 ROB-INS

“Aerial Robots for Real Time Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Energy Sector”

Certified Expertise

Lapis has received the necessary certificates such as the “Facility Safety Clearance Certificate (2108/165)”. ISO 9001 (K-QM-4710) and Sub-Contractor Certificate, Aselsan (AS185-2018-0346),

Lapis draws upon all their resources and power to shape the architecture of the future. All R&D activities are carried out in cooperation with local and international universities. All mechanical designs and analysis, embedded software developments, electronic hardware designs, interface software’s, production and R&D activities are carried out in-house.

As the Lapis family they convey a maximum focus on an “inventive”, “national” and “indigenous” thinking structure for their and R&D activities. Their love of technology and fuels their path beyond the best of humanity for the future.