The ATAK Helicopter Program, which was initiated in October 1996, with th

Issue 8

For the program, which aims to provide TLF with Attack/Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopters that will be customized according to the needs of the user that will be produced and provided with integrated logistics support, the dersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) published a new Request for Proposal (RFP) on 10 February 2005 and re-opened bidding. Upon evaluation of the proposals of AgustaWestland, Denel, Eurocopter and KAMOV, SSIK announced AgustaWestland as the winning bidder on March 30, 2007. Consequently, the contract gotiations, which was started between SSM, TAI, ASELSAN and AgustaWestland, were finalized on August 27, 2007 and the contract was signed on September 7, 2007. In the ATAK Helicopter Program, TAI, being the prime contractor, with AgustaWestland and ASELSAN being TAI’s subcontractors, the following agreements were signed:
Prime Contract
• TAI-AgustaWestland M a j o r
Subcontract Agreement
• TAI-AgustaWestland
Collaboration Agreement
Subcontract Agreement As the prime contractor of the program, TAI has work share in areas among which are: Program and Contract Management, System Integration, Production, Engineering and Integrated Logistics Support. In collaboration with AgustaWestland, TAI will define the operational and functional quirementspecifications of the ATAK Helicopter. As part of this,TAI will be responsible for managing ASELSAN’s work share, which includes the design of the hardware and software (including software integration) of the ATAK Mission Computer and the procurement of all
mission systems, including weapon systems. Under the program, TAI will be responsible not only for the harmonization of the program as a whole, but also the management of the agreements
reached with its subcontractors. As part of its system Integration activities, TAI will perform the following activities to form the T-129 ATAK
Helicopter configuration based on the existing A-129 CBT Helicopter:
• Integrating the Mission Equipment
Package (Avionics and Weapons)
on the helicopter to satisfy the
System Performance
• Achieving the design and production
activities required for integrat
ing the software and hardware of
the Mission Equipment Package,
• Completing the following Test and
Qualification activities aimed at
achieving the T-129 ATAK
Helicopter configuration:
• Functional Acceptance Tests
• EMI/EMC Tests
• Ground Tests
• Flight Tests
• T-129 ATAK Helicopter
In accordance with the work share agreed upon with AgustaWestland, TAI will carry out final assembly and flight operations, component and subassembly production, detail parts and
electrical harness fabrication, tool/fixture
design and production for parts included in TAI’s manufacturing work share, support and test equipment procurement for parts included in TAI’s
manufacturing work share and fabrication and assembly of structural/electrical components that are unique to the ATAK Helicopter. TAI will also perform the following activities aimed
at creating the T-129 ATAK Helicopter from the AgustaWestland Basic
Configuration Helicopter;
• Performance and Flight Mechanics
• Structural Modification,
• Airworthiness and Qualification,
• Operational, system/sub system
and functional definitions of the
ASELSAN designed system,
• Electrical and Group-A Kit
• SIL Acceptance Tests, ground,
flight and EMI/EMC Tests, TAI will also commit to the final design and performance of the helicopter to SSM. TAI shall also provide active participation to the engine replacement,
Automatic Flight Control System and Air Vehicle Management System modification activities that will take place at the facilities of staWestland.
Being the prime contractor of the ATAK Program, TAI will perform the following activities as part of
Integrated Logistics Support:
• Preparation of the T-129 ATAK Helicopter ILS Data Package by utilizing the ILS Data Package
modules (maintenance and pilot handbooks etc.) received from AgustaWestland and ASELSAN,
• Performing Logistics Support Analysis as an extension of TAI’s design activities,
• Training the pilot and maintenance
personnel of the T-129 ATAK Helicopter,
• Management and coordination of
the warranty, support equipment and spare parts of the T-129 ATAK and Basic Configuration
• Providing technical support through Field Services Representatives based at four different
TLF bases for a period of three years,
• Conducting codification activities
aimed at obtaining NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) for the components and equipment of the T-129
ATAK and Basic Configuration Helicopters.
The planned duration of the ATAK Program is 114 months beginning from the affectivity of the contract, with T- 129 ATAK Helicopter qualification planned for 58 months and delivery of the first serial production helicopter planned for 60 months after the affectivity
of the contract. Delivery of the first seven helicopters to the customer will be realized once every two months, with the remaining helicopters to be delivered once a month. The last ATAK Helicopter is planned to be delivered
to the customer in 114 months after the fectivity of the contract. With the ollaboration Agreement signed with AgustaWestland, TAI will have:
• Intellectual property rights of the new onfiguration of the helicopter,
• Sole sourcing rights in the world for the fuselage, including Final Assembly and Flight Operations,
• Sales rights for the world excluding
Italy and England.