Leonardo and Sabena Technics Partner to Offer Miysis DIRCM

Tarih: Issue 111 - December 2021

Leonardo has signed a memorandum of understanding with French aircraft MRO ( Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) services provider Sabena technics that will see the two organizations jointly addressing the market for protected VVIP and military aircraft with particular emphasis on the European, Middle Eastern, and African markets. 

Under the agreement, Sabena technics will offer Leonardo’s Miysis DIRCM (Directed Infra-Red Counter Measure) to customers looking to modify and equip their aircraft with standard gold protection against infrared-guided missiles. Extensive analysis and live-fire trials by the UK and international customers have confirmed that Miysis DIRCM can defeat 100% of incoming infrared missiles. Leonardo and Sabena technics have been working closely together to deliver Miysis DIRCM protection to an undisclosed customer, and this MoU builds on their great working relationship to facilitate collaborative approaches to international customers.