Leonardo Delivered the last Upgraded Ship to Royal Bahrain Naval Force

Tarih: Issue 113 - April 2022

On March 31, 2022, during a ceremony in Mina Salman at Royal Bahrain Navy Head Quarter, Leonardo delivered the last of six upgraded naval vessels, the "Al Taweelah" ship, after completing successfully all Integrated Sea Acceptance Test (ISAT). This important milestone follows and completes a deal signed in 2015 with Bahrain Defence Forces. As for the previous units, the Al Taweelah upgrade includes a new weapon control system, training services, and logistic support. 

Thanks to Leonardo's new Combat Management System (CMS), an example of the high technological level expressed by the company, the ship is now able to integrate and coordinate in real time all information coming from various sensors installed on board. The CMS enables the automatic coordination of weapons systems in terms of threat assessment, operation planning, and control of armaments during combat.