Leonardo Finmeccanica Committed to Delivering the Best Solution for Turkey, one of Their Crucial Partners

Managing Director of Leonardo-Finmeccanica Defe

Tarih: Issue 69 - August 2016

Defence Turkey: Mr. Cortesi first of all could you please inform us about Leonardo Finmeccanica Defense Systems Division’ new structure, products, core capabilities with new formation under Leonardo?

Leonardo Finmeccanica Defense Systems Division, being the merge of former OTO Melara S.p.A. and former WASS S.p.A. Companies, consists of six Lines of Business with products including large, medium and small naval guns, land turret gun systems, airborne gun systems, heavyweight and lightweight torpedoes, anti-missile and anti-torpedo countermeasure systems, Sonar Systems and unmanned vehicles. This wide product gamma makes Leonardo the only company able to comply with any naval operational requirement related to above-water and underwater warfare.