Leonardo Inaugurates the Second Maritime Navigation Support Centre at Izmir in Turkey

Issue 88 - January 2019

The Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) installed in the Turkish town will manage local maritime traffic and security, helping protect the marine environment. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and the speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. In the largest-scale application of the technology, Leonardo’s VTMS is used to monitor over 7000 kilometers of coastline around the Mediterranean basin.

On the 22th November, the ceremony was held in Izmir, Turkey, for the inauguration of the town’s new maritime traffic and navigation support center developed by Leonardo. The speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mr. Binali YILDIRIM, and the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. M. Cahit TURHAN attended the event. The system will allow local authorities to monitor maritime traffic in the area. The solution is composed of two subsystems. The first is the Regional Vessel Traffic Services System (RVTSS), which monitors the extremely busy shipping and transport corridors of the Gulfs of Izmit, Izmir and Mersin. The other subsystem is the Vessel Traffic Management Centre (VTMC) installed in Ankara, which will provide an integrated and comprehensive picture of sea traffic. Izmit was the first site of the system to be officially opened in November 2016.Leonardo’s Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) is the most technologically advanced solution available today. It secures coastal areas and maritime boundaries over wide geographical areas. The VTMS can also provide maritime environmental monitoring and support search and rescue operations at sea. Available in fixed and mobile versions, VTMS is able to manage large areas such as the Mediterranean basin where, in its largest-scale application, it covers over 7000 kilometers of coast.