Leonardo’s New Operating and Organization Model Optimization Plan ‘Leonardo 2.0’

Doubling their network of international branches, joint ventures and subsidiary companies, Turkish industry’s strategic partner Leonardo looks forward to new opportunities in the future to cooperate with Turkey, a longstanding relationship built on trust and good industrial relations. With plans to open at least 20 new offices around the world, mainly in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Mr. Lorenzo Mariani - Chief Commercial Officer, Leonardo discusses his new role and the company’s commercial strategy in an exclusive Defence Turkey interview; boosting international business development activities, cross-business customer support and effective governance of technological innovation by “physically” moving closer to their customers and industrial partners

Issue 81 - April 2018

Defence Turkey: Mr. Mariani, first of all we congratulate you on your new position. Could you please share your new vision, strategies and plans for Leonardo’s commercial activities following your assignment?

Thank you, it is a challenging role and I like this kind of challenge. The new commercial organization – made official with my appointment as Chief Commercial Officer in October 2017 – should be considered within a wider framework, specifically Leonardo’s 2018-2022 Industrial Plan, presented at the end of January 2018. The Plan – strongly backed by CEO Alessandro Profumo – aims to set the basis for the company’s long-term sustainable growth and, of course, commercial strategy is one of the crucial factors in achieving this.