Low Bed Semi Trailer by Koluman Kögel

Koluman Kögel Treyler Industry provides an important solution in transferrin

Issue 12 - October 2008

Semi Trailer is manufactured to carry tank, armored personnel carrier, duty vehicles and every other load which is in accordance with the vehicle specifications of weight and volume of 20 Ft container. By these qualifications, semi trailer succeeded in transferring technology into comfort, aesthetics and safety and offered a time and effort saving solution to its customers both in defense industry and construction and heavy transportation. Low bed which has the capacity to carry every load in every difficult condition is positioned as the most privileged product in its field with its speed, maneuver capacity and outstanding security systems.

Do?an Yüncüo?lu, The Chairman of the Executive Board of Koluman Kögel Treyler Industry said they speed up their activities in defense industry by 2008. Low bed semi trailer is the first and only vehicle in its field in Turkey and it will have a pioneering role not only in Turkey but also in international arena with its features.