MAN offers the most advanced range of military trucks

MAN Türkiye, product range includes trucks, tractor trucks, and military tactical vehicles with a technical carriage ca

Issue 12 - October 2008

MAN military trucks have a reputation as the most mobile and reliable support trucks for the military. They benefit both from the excellent MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG research facilities and the company’s comprehensive military knowledge. Today, MAN offers a range of military trucks for all assignments, with exceptional lifecycle costs, performance – and most importantly – crew protection. Needless to say, MAN military trucks are supported by the existing MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG dealer and workshop network, one of the world’s most extensive service networks for commercial trucks.
MAN offers the most advanced range of military trucks, all of which endure and excel in any operation. These vehicles benefit from the latest technology and commonality across all ranges, simplifying maintenance and repairs.
MAN’s military trucks also provide exceptional mobility. We still follow the German army’s definition of high mobility, which requires a truck to follow a battle tank into any terrain, fully loaded and at full speed.
Crew protection is our highest priority. The FSA, for example, offers crew protection against anti-tank mines of up to 3b – the equivalent of an 8 kg TNT mine blast or two anti-tank mines.
Trucks are designed to offer fleet managers the greatest possible economical gains, thus lessening the strain on tight military budgets.
MAN offers a range of products and services that support our customers’ integrated logistic support. All MAN military trucks can easily be integrated in a NetCentric logistics concept.

Tactical, low-maintenance, exceeds all expectations

The HX series is a military vehicle family that exemplifies the perfect symbiosis between the award-winning TGA Trucknology and MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG’s profound experience in military trucks. It sets a new yardstick in lifecycle costs and total cost of ownership. All vehicles in this series benefit from commonality across the range, which reduces complexity and training time for drivers and mechanics.
HX vehicles are true tactical trucks with low maintenance costs due to their use of modified components from the commercial TGA range. At the same time, they have the necessary tactical advantages such as air transportability or easy application of adaptive armour.