Mechanical Mine Clearance Equipment from ASFAT to Azerbaijan

Tarih: Issue 104 - February 2021

9th December, 2020, Mechanical Mine Clearance Equipment (MEMATT) was produced and made ready for the service of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). ASFAT, in cooperation with the private sector, completed all processes from R&D to design, prototype production to serial production and certification within only 14 months, thanks to ASFAT's mindset that acts as per the private sector dynamics and well understands the public sector’s principles, and with the principle of completing the project in the most cost-effective way, in the shortest time and at much higher quality compared to foreign procurement, by using the capabilities of its military factory.

Recently, the export activities of MEMATT were successfully finalized and a contract for the "Production and Delivery of 20 Mechanical Mine Clearance Equipment" was signed with Turkey’s brother country Azerbaijan.

Another important aspect of this project is that the certification process, regarded as the weak spot of the sector, has been accomplished entirely through domestic resources. During the project, the National Mine Action Center (MAFAM) acquired the capability for certification and the equipment was certified by MAFAM.  Turkey’s national organization MAFAM has now become an organization with international certification capability thanks to this project.

This project, conducted in collaboration with the private sector, which is the most important driving force of Turkey’s economy, is one of the best examples of the business models developed by ASFAT, which facilitates the private sector’s work, develops and expands it, increases its competitiveness, and thus contributes to defense industry exports.