Meteksan Defense to Set up R&D Office at Teknopark Istanbul

Issue 65 - February 2016

Meteksan Defense is setting up R&D office at Teknopark İstanbul in order to be more effective and efficient in the projects conducted with the Naval Forces and to get closer with the end user.

Meteksan Defense Vice President Mr. Özgür Çankara made a statement on behalf of Meteksan Defence regarding the projects conducted for the development of underwater acoustic, sensor and communication systems intended for the Naval Forces’ requirements. “During the projects being conducted, the cooperation with R&D and operational units of Naval Forces located in İstanbul is inevitable. We will get closer with the end user for more efficient cooperation through our Teknopark İstanbul office. In addition, we will also establish an infrastructure for naval tests in a short while and integrate this to Teknopark İstanbul activities.” said Mr. Çankara.