Meteksan Reveals Retinar PTR

Retinar PTR, having been in development for a long time, by Meteksan for the security of borders and f

Tarih: Issue 58 - February 2015

The meeting related to the introduction of the radar was held at the Ankara Bilkent Hotel with the attendance of Meteksan General Manager Mr. Murat Erciyes, Meteksan Deputy General Manager Mr. Selçuk Kerem Alparslan and many members of the press. Meteksan General Manager Murat Erciyes, giving explanations on the development process of the product and expressing that the product was developed in accordance with domestic and foreign demands, used the expression “We produced this radar using high technology and I think that we will be able to experience the happiness of export Retinar PTR in the future.”

Meteksan Deputy General Manager Mr. Selçuk Kerem Alparslan, providing information to the press about the product stated that by scanning at the point the radar is positioned, it establishes a security zone / region, also said “The radar can follow the motion in the region it is positioned by detailed examination and detect it. The radar providing very significant results including human and animal detection can provide the security of stations, camps, shores, critical plants like pipelines, energy centrals and airports. The design is compact and light. It is very suitable for the tactic field. As well as being portable it also has static and aerial configuration, and camera integrated configurations. He spoke as such; “We think that it is has a structure that can provide complete security in the region the mission is executed with this multi-configuration structure.” Alparslan,reminding that the radar can easily be carried by 2 persons, elaborated;”It has an interface that can be used very easily. It is controlled by lap top computers. You don’t need to be an expert operator. It can also be used from a tablet and a smart phone. Through the remote control interface you can control via wireless/transceiver. Apart from these, one of our major differences is that it has algorithms differentiating/detecting human being from animals. Detecting human beings using radars is one of the topics dealt frequently in recent years’ scientific literature. Especially thermal cameras and electro-optic systems have some deficiencies in detecting human beings. We can state that we have achieved very significant / important points by our works in this field. We constituted Retinar PTR as a result of this study. The product has been completely developed by Meteksan engineers genuinely. It has a numeric based architecture and can be adapted to different usage requirements with its authentic structure. Moreover, it is not dependent to any foreign body/ does not have any foreign dependency. “