MILSOFT: A success Story in German Turkish Defence Industry Cooperation

MilSOFT, with her own technologies based on

Tarih: Issue 26 - January 2011

A few years ago, MilSOFT was chosen to develop ?Link-11/Link-16 Multi Data Link System? in a national naval project and has taken an important step in reaching a position of becoming one among a handful of companies worldwide to provide solutions in the area of Tactical Data Link Processors. Turkish Naval Forces? experience and knowledge on this subject was a very significant contribution to MilSOFT to reach this level, Together with the help of her Tactical Data Links related R&D works, MilSOFT, by including Link-22 capability into the Tactical Data Link Processor, has obtained the opportunity of providing an important technological solution to the New Type Submarine Project. MilSOFT Multi-link Data Link Processor reflects MilSOFT?s knowledge and experience on tactical data links, which includes MilSOFT software infrastructure that is compatible to Open Architecture Computing Environment (OACE) and international standards like OMG (Object Management Group), DDS (Data Distribution Services) and etc.

In terms of German and Turkish cooperation, MilSOFT also provided a SHIP Simulator called SHIPSIM to GermanShipyard ? LÜRSSEN in 2008. SHIPSIM includes three different work packages:

1. Bridge Simulator including simulation capability for Ships with Azimuth-POD Propulsion,

2. Interactive Ship Operating Plans Simulator

3. Program for Stability Calculations.

MilSOFT is a 100% Turkish & private company, which was established in 1998, specialized in System Integration and Software Development and has business presence and interest in defense industry.

MilSOFT is the first company in Europe to achieve CMMI Level 5. In addition, MilSOFT has NATO AQAP-160 and TS-EN-ISO 9001:2000 certificates. MilSOFT has Facility Security Clearances in the level of both ?Nato Secret? and ?National Secret?.

MilSOFT owes her capability of providing such critical solutions on technologically new subjects to the given importance to her R&D works. Since its founding, MilSOFT, besides the Turkish Armed Forces, has provided critical software solutions to the companies of technologically developed countries such as the U.S., France, Germany, the UK and Israel.

MilSOFT?s interest areas are as below:

➢ C4I

➢ Data Links and Messaging

➢ Image Exploitation Systems

➢ Electronic Warfare

➢ Modeling and Simulation

➢ Embedded Systems

➢ HW Manufacturing Through Subcontract Management

In 2007, MilSOFT ICT was established as spin-off of MilSOFT. MilSOFT ICT is focused on development of core information and communication technologies and improving its expertise, technological and process infrastructure to be more effective in this specific field. Their interest areas shall be sorted as flows:

➢ Network Enabled Capability

➢ Homeland Security

➢ Crisis/Emergency Management

➢ Logistics Lifecycle Support & Fleet Management

➢ e-Government

Some unclassified references of MilSOFT, including on going projects are:

1. Sikorsky Aircraft, USA:

➢ SeaHawk Helicopter Mission Computer

➢ S-92 Helicopter Maintenance Data Computer SW

2. Elbit, Israel: Avionics Video Symbols Generation Software

3. Rockwell Collins, France: Airborne Data Link Processor Software Development

4. IAI-Elta, Israel: Digital Environment Simulator

5. Lürssen, Germany: Ship Simulator

6. Thales Airborne & Thales Communication, France:

➢ Link-16 based Link 11 Data Link Processor SW

➢ Flight Test Instrumentation Software

➢ Tactical Command System Plug-in Component Link-11 Software

➢ Tactical Data Link System Integration and Tests

7. Thales Underwater, France: Acoustic Mission Planning System

8. Turkish General Staff:

➢ JETS_Joint Electronic Warfare Training System

➢ JETSIM_ Joint Electronic Warfare Training Simulation

9. Turkish Naval Forces:

➢ Perry Class Frigates

? Command Control System Middleware Software

? Link 11 & Link 16 Tactical Data Link Processor Consoles

➢ M?LGEM Corvette

? Command Control System Middleware Software

? Link 11 & Link 16 Tactical Data Link Processor and Link Consoles

➢ Electronic Warfare Programming and Simulation Center

➢ S-70B Helicopter Simulation Center Link-11 Simulator

10. Turkish Coast Guard Command: Coast Guard Search and Rescue Ship

➢ Scalable CMS based on DDS & OACE equipped with gun, navigation and surveillance radars and helicopter control.

11. TAI, Turkey:

➢ UAV, Transportable Image Exploitation System, Remote Video Terminal

➢ UAV (MALE) Ground Control Station Mission Systems

12. Lloyd?s Register, England: Fortran Solver Migration Project

13. NAVSEA/BAV, USA: Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) Integration to Turkish Frigates

14. HDW, Germany: Link 11 & Link 16 Tactical Data Link Processor and Consoles to Air Independent Propulsion Submarine