MILSOFT attended DIMDEX with its Electronic Warfare Training Systems

M?LSOFT, performing activities on system integration and software development for long years, exhibited at DIMDEX its Electronic Warfare Training Systems solutions, warfare management system GEMKOMSIS that can be ada

Issue 34 - May 2012

GATE ELEKTRON?K sits for making production with Qatar

GATE ELEKTRON?K, performing activities in electronics field such as depot level maintenance for military / industrial systems, on-site maintenance and repair services, engineering and software development services as well as electronic manufacturing services since 1989, exhibited at DIMDEX its wire and remotely controlled unmanned submarine robots in line with the requirements of the region to be used at the studies on submarines and petroleum pipelines; and maintenance and repair products that can be used both for civil and military purposes.

Performing maintenance and repair services in Qatar both for military and civil purposes for a while, GATE ELEKTRON?K does not only plan to sell products to the region in the future, but also develop and manufacture the maintenance and repair infrastructure of the products appropriate to the region together with the countries of the region.

The officials of GATE ELEKTRON?K also gave briefing on the projects planned to be realized in the region and they said: “The investors in Qatar are very keen so we do not consider Qatar only for delivering submarine studies. We believe that the unmanned systems are very crucial and to this end, we have been carrying out R&D studies in order for these systems to be utilized more in countries’ defence activities. We made interviews and discussions on collaboration towards country security and made significant progresses”.