MilSOFT continued its Marketing activities which started with the DSA 2006 participation during DSA

MilSOFT is one of the leading System Integration and Software Development company which certified with CMMI 5 and took a reputable place in top 40 CMMI level 5 l

Issue 11 - June 2008

Joint Electronic Warfare Training Simulator (JETS), Scalable Combat Management System (Gemkomsis) and Ship Bridge Simulator (Shipsim) were presented to the VIP delegations and participants of DSA 2008. Gemkomsis which was selected as a National Command Control System Software for the critic applications like Coast Guard Command search and Rescue Ship Project creates a tactical illustration thorough the data obtained from many receiver and fire elements to be used effectively and in coordination. The negotiations during DSA proved that MilSOFT through its Gemkomsis has reached to a level compete with worldwide products such as Raytheon SSDS, Thales Tacticos, Lockheed Martin COMBATSS as it is developed before or at the same time that these giant companies developed their owns. MilSOFT was given a 7th Technological Achievement Award for the success of developing Gemkomsis by TUBITAK, TTGV and Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association. SHIPSIM, another significant capability of MilSOFT exhibited in DSA, is to provide training of maritime personnel in ship handling techniques including, ship maneuvering in open sea, navigation, entering/leaving harbor or ports and anchoring. Among its technical capabilities SHIPSIM embodies preparation of scenario (environment parameters, scenario objects like ships and airplanes and their routes, ship type and position), customization of trainee equipment layout, control& monitor ship bridge equipment of trainee station, recording and replaying training sessions, performance of voice communications training, and generates malfunction for selected equipment and indicator as instructions. JETS and JETSIM, which are the unique EW Training Systems of MilSOFT were exhibited in DSA 2008 exhibition. JETS and JETSIM presents the role of EW in the success of an operation, to the personnel that is responsible for planning and performing a military operation at the joint and force headquarters/units and teaches EW techniques and tactics quickly and effectively to EW officers. JETS and JETSIM are capable of interactive training on EW concepts and application, lessons supported with multimedia objects, 2-D/3-D animations, interactive simulations, videos, graphics/drawings, pictures, sound; including 8 units and 150 lessons. Also enables both single user EW training simulation for Army, Navy and Air Force operations; and Multi-user EW training simulation for joint operations. MilSOFT received great interest from DSA 2008 Exhibition visitors and delegations with these three products.