MilSOFT ICT and CORENA signed partnership agreement

Milsoft ICT and Corena

Issue 20

Standards such as S1000D enables a better support, improved system availability, improved safety and decreased lifecycle cost. S1000D is gaining increasing attention around the world, and is being adopted by most of the new commercial and military aerospace programs The S1000D specification is used in the development of aircrafts, surface ships, submarines, tanks, armored vehicles, missiles, weapon systems, electronic equipment, and other products that require close attention throughout the product lifecycle, from concept to retirement.
The cooperation between MilSOFT ICT and CORENA in Lifecycle Management of high-tech products promises synergies for strengthened competitiveness in our target markets and, will advance industrial cooperation between Norway and Turkey.
"Corena and Milsoft ICT’s collaboration, which fuses the design & development and maintenance stages of modern-technology product lifecycles, is a step towards bringing closer our two countries, Norway and Turkey, on the European fringes of NATO around state-of-the-art technologies", says Tunc Teber Torosdagli, General Manager, MilSOFT ICT.
"Turkey is a country with high focus on development of advanced defense technologies, and a high awareness for life cycle support information. We are very pleased to have entered into a strategic partnership with MilSOFT ICT and we have great expectations that the synergy of MilSOFT ICT’s and CORENA’s capabilities will be beneficial for both the Turkish and Norwegian industry, and thereby further increase the growing success of our products in the international market", says CORENA’s Toralf Johannessen, CEO.