MilSOFT’s TDL Achievement at CWIX 2014

CWIX Proven Tactical Data Links (TDL) Interoperability

Issue 56

Turkish Navy and MilSOFT participated in CWIX exercise held in Poland in June 2014 to perform Link 16 and Link 22 interoperability tests with other NATO nations. MilSOFT has developed Link 11/16 and Link 11/22 data link systems for Turkish Navy. Mil-DLP is a reliable and comprehensive solution, which benefits from TuN R&D Center experiences through collaboration in SSM/Turkish Navy. Link 11/16 system has been fielded on Ex-Perry Class frigates & Turkish National Corvets (MILGEM) and it has been operational since 2012. MilSOFT is also providing Link 11/22 data link system for Turkish Navy New Type Submarine and the Factory Acceptance Test of the system has been completed successfully. During CWIX 2014,  MilSOFT and Turkish Navy demonstrated these two data link systems and performed 175 tests successfully with other nations including MLST3 which is the certification tool for TDL .  As a result of those tests, MilSOFT’s TDL systems are proven to be compliant to NATO standards and interoperable with other nations’ TDL systems. The outstanding success of the MilSOFT has attracted interest of  other CWIX participants and visitors as well.

CWIX : NATO Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise