Milsoft Yazilim Teknolojileri A.S. has become the 20th company in the world th

Issue 10

The renewed CMMI-5 certificate of MilSOFT CMMI-DEV (v1.2) Level 5 has a much more complex assessment than its first version CMMI-5. The changing name of CMMI to CMMI- DEV is among the main changes of the new model. Improving hardware amplification, overview and glossary, work environment material added to OPD and IPM, process deployment, are some of the other changes of v1.2 that are developed by Software Engineering Institute (SEI). With this new improved version of CMMI the quality management in organization level has been taken to a new extent.

CMMI is an international evaluation method that assesses maturity level of software development processes that has been developed by SEI of Carnegie Mellon University. With in this model the highest maturity level that a company can reach is level 5. The CMMI model has been adopted by the world including Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa. CMMI model is used by the pioneers of software technology companies and governmental organizations.

The CMMI model of SEI provides guidance companies to improving their efficiency in their process disciplines, and forms a common integrated vision in all the elements of an organization. Being certified to CMMI model also means that supplier and buyer have the same way of doing business and speaking the same language. Therefore, chances of acquiring contracts in the international markets become much higher for a CMMI certified company.

In its early history MilSOFT was the first Turkish firm in Turkey to achieve SW CMM Level 3 in 2003. Today, MilSOFT ICT a spin off MilSOFT that is established in June 2007 which focuses on Network Centric, Homeland Security, Crisis Management, Integrated Border Security and Management, Maritime Information Systems, Maintenance Information System, E-Government, Enterprise Information System and Telecommunications has been certified to CMMI-DEV Level 3.

MilSOFT is a 100% Turkish & private company specialized in System Integration and Software Development has business presence and interest in defense industry. MilSOFT has more than 240 employees in which more than 200 of them are engineers, and it conducts operations in its own R&D center at METU Technopolis, Ankara and also in TUBITAK Technological Free Zone Istanbul. MilSOFT’s interest areas are Command Control and Tactical Data Links, Electronic Warfare, Unmanned Air Vehicle and Manned Aircraft Payload Image Exploitation Systems, Embedded Systems, SW Development & Verification per DO-178 for FAA Certification, and Simulation and Modeling. MilSOFT is CMMI-DEV version 1.2 Level 5, NATO AQAP-160, TS-EN-ISO 9001:2000 certificated company.