Minister of National Defence Visits MeteksanDefence

METEKSAN Defence Industries Inc., which has been performing studies in Electronic Subsystems, Underwater Acoustics, Software, Information Technologies, Simulation,

Tarih: Issue 34 - May 2012

METEKSAN Defence Industries Inc. introduced at Doha the model of the Fire and Damage Control Training Simulator that is being developed for meeting the fire and damage control training and development needs of the Turkish Naval Forces’ personnel working at surface, submarine and air platforms and land facilities. In addition to this Simulation, METEKSAN Defence also exhibited the generic version of the Naval War Game Simulation System (NAWAS) that enables the implementation of naval war methods, concepts and plans and improves the mission effectiveness of the personnel using the platform, weapons and systems. “Needs for such products are increasing gradually in the region and therefore we expect to turn the discussions and negotiations made with the Gulf and Middle East countries’ delegations into an opportunity in the future.

Fire and Damage Control Training Simulator brings several innovations

Having nearly 10 m. length, the Fire and Damage Control Training Simulator is composed of a damage control simulator having high technology capabilities of simulation and mechatronics world and a fire simulator also including a helicopter fire training simulator. There is also a command and control center having high technology hardware and software components to follow and control all of the trainings. The simulator can be designed for all kinds of sea platforms and has the capabilities to train the personnel under every conditions with its variety of scenarios.