MKEK: An excellent model of Turkish-German Partnership in Defence Industry

Germany that purveys partnership and technological transfers in Defense Industry is one of the important countries for Turkey. Although the roots of partnership with this country goes back to

Issue 12 - October 2008

At the same year, the preparation for establishing TOMTA? - Tayyare Otomobil ve Motor Türk Anonim ?irketi has begun in Kayseri. The plant went in production with the collaboration of German Firm, Junkers, on 6 October 1928, and Junkers A-20 which was metal bodied and involving radio was produced there. In 1926 Eskisehir Uçak Fabrikas? was opened. On 3 May 1928, Junkers firm hand over its share to THK.
One of the most notably example of Turkish-German Partnership in Defense Industry, comes from past and fasten in Republic times, is partnership between German Firms and Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) Light Weapon Factory. In 1968, in the scope of TURWA (Turkish Waffen) Project; Fritz Werner Firm supplied 7.62 mm G-3 Automatic Rifle Technology from Heckler & Koch GmbH, and supplied MG-3 Machine Gun Technology from Rheinmetall to Turkey and helped to build up production line in MKEK Light Weapon Factory and purvey the needed technological information. G-3 Automatic Rifles and MG3 Machine Guns have been used in Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) for a long time.
In order to meet the special tactical needs of TAF and other security services, MP5/A3, MP5-K Automatic Guns were begun to be produced by the technological transfer from Heckler Koch GmbH, in 1985.
In 5.56 mm Automatic Rifle Project, which was started in 1998 as a result of TAF’s needs; German Firm Heckler Und Koch’s product HK 33 E Automatic Rifle was chosen and License, Know-How, Procurement and Off- Set agreements were signed. The Rifle went in production in 2000 and took place in TAF’s stocks.
Another good example for this corporation is the modernization of M48 A3 Tanks project which was demanded by TAF. This project had been started with German partners and the production had been realized together. The 105 mm Gun System that was used in this project, had been produced in MKEK Heavy Weapons and Steel Factory and as a result of this, TAF’s dependence to other countries has been surpassed. During 105 mm Gun System Project BWB Corps, Heckler & Koch and Royal Ordnance firms gave great support.
In 1987, in the scope of 155 mm M44 K/M Obus Modernization Project which is one of the most important project of TAF, 155 and 39 mm caliber gun systems were produced. With this production Turkish-German Partnership developed. In addition to 105mm Gun System Investments, some other investments has done and MKEK Heavy Weapons and Steel Factory has come to a good level.
Heckler & Koch, Rheinmetall, Heller Bremen Ravensburg firms, are good examples for Turkish- German partnership in establishing production lines and producing goods in MKEK factories.
German firms have a great impact on development of producing machine tools in Turkey. Within the framework of Turkish-German Partnership in Defense Industry, great military projects have been implemented which have been done as a part German Military Support and financed by Ministry of National Defense.
It is absolutely important to meet the needs by Know How, Procurement agreement or by taking production license. But the most important point is, the information, experience and technology that we gain from past projects shall be the basic for Research and Development facilities for developing new projects. And we shall produce the guns needed by TAF with national facilities and abilities.