MKEK’s Exports to Sky Rocket by 45-50% for 2015

An Elite defence industry brand with 500 years of History – Renown Worldwide Continuity, an Essential foundation for building international markets.  Mr. İzzet Artunç, General Manager of the Machinery and C

Issue 64 - November 2015

Defence Turkey: Mr. İzzet Artunç, first of all we would like to thank you for your time. What are your assessments on the year 2014 and first half of 2015 as the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution (MKEK)?

I would like to initially express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity for introducing our Institution to your readers through this interview.If we have a look at how the years 2014-2015 have been for our Institution, actually the combination of the projection of the structural changes that the defence industry has gone through as a result of the international conjuncture, technical developments and the asymmetrical threats with our Institution’s flexible structure, that is adaptable to the technical/environmental changes, thanks to its experiences accumulated since the fifteenth century, enabled it to become a supplier that has an active role in the international market.