More than 200,000 Pistols Delivered Under the ÖYTG Project!

Tarih: Issue 98 - April 2020

According to the Presidency of Turkish Defense Industries (SSB) under the Indigenous Local Handgun Development (ÖYTG) Project more than 200,000 METE pistols manufactured by Sarsılmaz and Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS, CANIK) have been delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Turkish National Police (TNP).

The SSB shared the latest status of the ÖYTG Project on its official Twitter account on March 15, 2020 with the following statement: “The delivery number of METE pistols produced by Sarsılmaz and SYS within the scope of the Indigenous Local Handgun Development (ÖYTG) Project exceeded 200,000. Under the ÖYTG project more than 280,000 pistols will be manufactured, more than 180,000 by Sarsılmaz and 100,000 by SYS.”

Sarsılmaz was initially selected by the SSB under the ÖYTG Project and secured an order for the delivery of a total of 110,242 9mm SAR 9 METE pistols to the Turkish Land and Naval Forces as well as to the Turkish Coast Guard and National Police (Security General Directorate). With the follow-on contract the number of METE pistols to be delivered by Sarsılmaz has been increased to over 180,000. According to contract, Sarsılmaz will deliver 30,142 SAR 9 METE pistols in 2018, 55,300 pistols in 2019 and 24,800 pistols during 2020-2022. Sarsılmaz also won a tender from the Turkish National Police for the delivery of 40,000 SAR 9 pistols in addition to ones that were ordered under the ÖYTG Project. 

Within the scope of the ÖYTG Project, SYS was contracted to deliver 100,000 METE-S and METE pistols. On June 18, 2018 SYS completed the deliveries of the first batch TP9SF METE-S pistols to the Turkish Naval Forces (will procure a total of 8,700 TP9SF METE-S pistols) under the ÖYTG Project. The company developed two different models within the scope of the ÖYTG Project: the Type-A (TP9SF METE-S) and Type-B (TP9SF METE). The TP9SF METE-S, which is equipped with a safety catch, is being delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), while the TP9SF METE, which lacks a safety latch, enters the service of the Turkish National Police (TNP, 29,700 pieces in three batches of 10,000, 10,000 and 9,700). Both models are equipped with a striker mechanism and a single action trigger, and are delivered with three magazines each, 1 x 15 round and 2 x 18 round capacities. In accordance with the contract, awarded by the SSB on February 7, 2018, the company manufactured and delivered 45,000 pistols for the ÖYTG Project by the end of 2018. SYS also delivered 2,500 pistols in March 2018 to the Turkish Air Force (TurAF) under a direct procurement contract awarded in 2017.