MTC, A Wide Range of Technologies

MTC Industries & Research Ltd. was established in 1977 in Karmiel Industrial Zone, in the heart of Israel’s Galilee. Over the years, the company developed into a leading suppli

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MTC is also a licensed Repair Station of the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Israel Air Force (IAF) for refurbishment of aircraft engine components, sub-systems and landing gears. MTC is ISO 9001 certified, MIL-STD compliant and an Approved Supplier to the Israel Aircraft Industries, the Israel Air Force and Navy, the US Navy, RAFAEL, ELBIT SYSTEMS, EADS, BAE SYTEMS etc.

Main products

Gyroscopes and Sensors MTC manufactures free gyros for short and medium range missiles, rate gyros for missiles and ground airborne platforms, vertical gyros for unmanned aerial
vehicles. MTC gyros are integrated into the most advanced missiles of Israel’s defense industries and into most of its UAV projects.

Electric Motors – MTC manufactures miniature torque and DC motors with and without brushes, AC and hysterezis motors, angular position measurement devices, such as resolvers, tachogenerators, microsyn and other RVDT - for navigation and control in missiles, warheads, launching systems, UAV’s, gliding bombs and servo systems.

Electro-Mechanical Systems – MTC manufactures servo systems,canard actuation system steering units, pneumatic or electric servo actuators, fuel system control manifolds, high-pressure vessels, solenoid valves and multi-tier sliprings. Aircraft repair station / Thermal spray coatings.