MTU Turkey Opens its Sales, Marketing and Service Centre in Kartal, Istanbul

Tarih: Issue 54 - July 2014

MTU Turkey, based on its growth trend in the last 5 years, opened its sales, marketing and service centre in Kartal, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, following on the heels of its Management, Production and Service Facilities in Hadımköy, with 250 customers and business partners attending the opening. The Kartal Centre brings together its offices in Maslak and Tuzla and combines under one roof its defence, commercial, planning and energy departments.

Speaking at the opening of the new centre, MTU Turkey Chairman of the Board and GM, Ekrem Kuraloğlu said: “MTU has been in existence 105 years globally and 24 years in Turkey. We are proud to see that the long-term expansion plans we undertook in 2009 has step-by-step come to life. MTU Turkey has increased its sales in the last 5 years by 38% and created a 43% growth in the number of its employees. We are a market leader in many segments in Turkey. We produce and export engine and cylinder liners to world markets from our Hadımköy manufacturing facility. This year we opened a regional office in Azerbaijan. Our goal is not just numerical growth but also to become a brand name where our customers are the most happiest. Within the framework of this goal, after we opened our Hadımköy facility to be closer, more easily accessible and provide effective service to our customers, we are now opening our second biggest facility, the Kartal Sales, Marketing and Service Centre. Our goal is to raise even higher our service level with this facility. I sincerely believe we will take the necessary steps in our expansion plans together with our customers and business partners.”