Multimillion European Defence Contract: Tiger Crews to Continue to Train with Rheinmetall Simulation Technology

Issue 59 - March 2015

Crews of the Franco-German Tiger multi-purpose attack helicopter will continue in future to train with tried-and-tested simulation technology from Rheinmetall. The Düsseldorf-based Group recently booked an order to this effect worth several tens of millions €. 

In December 2014 the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d’Armement) contracted with ARGE TATM (ARGE Tiger Aircrew Training Means) the modernization of simulator technology already in service. ARGE TATM is a cooperation between Thales and Rheinmetall. The modernization program started on January 2015 and will be completed by September 2018.